Ideas in Art

We turn to the gods
but the gods turn us;
we turn to the gods
and are torn apart*

Behind explicitly stated ideas in art there is a hidden web of them, a viewpoint visible despite the artwork's non-verbal character. When ideas lie unviewed, they represent shadows of the visible and acknowledged. One shadow realm of our culture is the devalued supernatural, fantasy, emotion, a primal approach to religion, a holistic vision and structure of the universe, a transcendent creativity.
I am interested in these shadows and in a layer of the human psyche which experiences earth processes and their mystery, drawing on its vital energy. Resonance with the natural world is a therapy and medicine for the individual, the planet, and cultural works. Taking the idea further is the ancient, archaic, and indigenous perception that the earth is a breathing organism, alive, with consciousness, a biosphere of powers, gods and goddesses, an outlook inherently entwined with the imaginative and visual. This view of the earth habitat is ecological and ethical, asking what human choices are beneficial for the planet?
Our dominant culture is built on ego and its advancement. My art is not made from my ego, and does not address the audience's ego. It sets out to admit personal and transpersonal psychological conditions, to stay with them, and go deeper into them. It is a method of thickening and intensification as opposed to the attractions of expansion, grandeur, bigness, and immensity. Consensus reality is very useful, up to a point. Realities beyond this point are the focus of this work.

*Robin Robertson, Bacchae.